Frame of Reference is Important

Frame of Reference is Important

Frame of reference


In our last gasp of homeschooling before our youngest graduates, I am reading with her some hard core Physics, and currently we are deep into a discussion about Einstein’s special relativity. It is tricky stuff because it all depends on the viewer. Things are literally different depending on “the frame of reference” you view them from, and this has been proven to be true experimentally. It is not just an illusion.

Apparently, you will age slower on a rocket ship because time passes differently going that much faster than here on earth, and your rocket, measured by a powerful telescope while zooming through space, measures shorter there than it does on earth. But inside the rocket, all seems to be normal, until you get home to realize that you have long outlived your twin. And the faster you move through space, the larger difference there is.

These are difficult concepts to grasp, except I realized today that in a different way, I preach them all the time. I frequently say: thought governs experience. I encourage people to have better, more kind, pure or productive thoughts. Even the world understands that the attitudes you hold and the habits you keep influence your outcome. But spiritually we know that one’s perspective makes all the difference.

So I ask you: what frame of reference determines your reality? Is it the mortal, temporal, material world, seen with the material senses, or is it the infinite spiritual universe, understood through spiritual sense? Or to put it more plainly, is your frame of reference your erring little carnal egocentric mind, or is it that of the divine Mind that creates and governs all?

You will literally have a very different outcome depending on which basis you use to view your life. Unlike the guy in the spaceship and the guy on Earth with the telescope, our spiritual frame of reference is not based simply on where we happen to find ourselves, since to everyone, both the spiritual and material views seemingly overlap in the present moment, regardless of the fact that they are completely the antithesis of each other. So in any given moment, we must choose the basis from which to view our situation and those in it.

It appears that in the short term here, the mortal view is the default one, unless you choose otherwise. However, in the context of eternity, the spiritual view is actually the genuine default view. We will all get to that consciousness sooner or later, even if it takes dying to figure out that we are continuing on and the mortal view was only temporary. The good news is that we don’t have to wait until later for the inspired standpoint (and commensurate blessings) of the ever-present spiritual frame of reference.

We can have it now by looking at things as God does, the way Jesus did. Like any habit, routinely making this your frame of reference instead of the other lower dualistic perspective, will take some effort and practice, but the view is greatly improved and the experience incredibly more positive. You will find it to be very much worth it.

So if you are having a challenge, consider whether you need to change your frame of reference and see it from God’s perspective instead. When you do that, you’ll find solutions will naturally reveal themselves, and harmony will reign.




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