Awesome Solar Eclipse Photos (By Others)

Awesome Solar Eclipse Photos (By Others)

Awesome Eclipse Photos 2024

We had a great time on Monday interrupting our workday to watch the solar eclipse. All prepared with our special glasses, conditions here were great to watch the celestial show. Locally, we got to 95% totality, and it is amazing how much light is still out at 5% capacity. It did cast a bit of a chill, though; all of a sudden I wanted a coat.

I was unsuccessful in getting any photo other than the one above, however, and I’ve been enjoying the great photos taken by others. You can see my favorites below, the best of which were taken by places like NASA. Check them out.

As we focused for an hour on a rare occurrence that we were privileged to see, it brought home to me our huge, regular blessing of the sun’s faithfulness, loyalty, and devotion. I’m so grateful!






















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  1. Isabel 2 months ago

    Best photos I’ve seen. Thank you!

    Awe is the perfect word! May I never lose that sense of wonder and always find time to appreciate it.🌝🌚🌝

  2. Marge 2 months ago

    Thanks for the spectacular pictures that you have shared with us. I’m so grateful for them because I wasn’t able to see it.

  3. Mary Jo 2 months ago

    Telescopes make a big difference! These are spectacular! Thank you, Polly!

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