Thanksgiving Photos 2023

Thanksgiving Photos 2023

Thanksgiving Photos 2023

We had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday, and I hope you did too.

In this post I share our photos of a loving, family time. It was so good to be together again. I’m so grateful for my wonderful husband and these terrific daughters!

I give more details of our two days together in the captions below.

Huge traffic jam in the rain on Tuesday night, picking up our younger daughter from Pennsylvania.


Amusing ourselves studying the abstract shapes in the light reflections on the wet pavement.


Wednesday we were all busy with work, but got in some bananagrams while dinner was in the oven.


Two way bananagrams are bigger and take more time…


A perennial family favorite, my husband’s Spinach Quiche (recipe here) for Wednesday night dinner.


Simple meal: quiche and farmer’s market apples.


At our church service Thanksgiving morning. You can see all four of us there in the top photo.


Hot cheese from Switzerland. We also served it with toasted Miche, but by the time they got on the plate it was half gone.


First time recipe experiment: butternut squash and apple galette with shallots and goat feta.


Simple salad with roasted beets, blood oranges, pine nuts, arugula, and cheese.


Comice pear. Our family calls them “Christmas pears” because they are the kind in the Harry and David gift pear boxes. You can find them in a regular grocery store if you know what to look for. Succulent and delicious!


At our Thanksgiving table with my mom’s Thanksgiving china, and candlesticks from our wedding.


Our Thanksgiving meal. Our favorite swordfish with herbed lemon pepper butter (recipe is here).


Hike after dinner at Huntington State Park.


Dessert and a fire together when we got back from our hike. This was a new recipe try, an “apple fritter cake,” which was delicious, and with some tweaking and adjustments, will eventually make it onto the blog. Our older daughter left in the middle of the night to fly back to California. Grateful for two full days all together.
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  1. Bob Altman 7 months ago

    Beautiful family, beautiful celebratory time together!

    • Author
      Polly Castor 7 months ago

      Thank you for the swordfish and the Swiss cheese!

  2. Emily Kendrick 7 months ago

    What lovely sharing. Thank you, as always a joy to read your blog.

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