Pastels Cleaned and Replenished

Pastels Cleaned and Replenished

I Cleaned my Pastels

Cleaning my pastels is a perfect way to start the new year. In the first photo below, you can see the “before” picture, and above is the “after” picture. On New Year’s Eve, I wiped each one and cleaned it, supplementing my nice box with back stock I had left over from teaching a class of teenagers before COVID.

Then we mixed the dust (which already has binder in it) with a little purified water and hand shaped some neutrals, as shown below.

Since then, with some of my COVID stimulus money, I ordered some new pastels to fill in those missing or often used. You can see them in the last two photos below.

So grateful! Now I’m ready to paint!


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  1. Sue Krevitt 10 months ago

    You GO, Girl!!

  2. John gregory 10 months ago

    What joy to look at the color spectrum and know you have the opportunity to create great beauty….


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