Qi (New Abstract Conceptualist Collage)

Qi (New Abstract Conceptualist Collage)

Qi (Abstract Conceptualist Collage) by Polly Castor

Qi (Abstract Conceptualist Collage) by Polly Castor

I’m a Words with Friends player. Let me know if you’d like to play it with me! Anyway, Qi is an indispensable word to Scrabble and Words with Friends players as the only two letter word with a q. But what it means is also cool: “the vital life force that flows through a body.” I love that concept, even though I’m not particularly a proponent of acupuncture, which utilizes the idea.

So for my next abstract conceptualist piece, I took on the project of painting Qi, and above is the result. I’ve been praying about some hearts for clients lately and I love the fact that Qi is not related to an organ. It just is there in the system, doing its thing, vibrant and unabated.

This is the last of four recent monoprint collages on cradled panels that I have done for shows this month (see the others here, here, and here). I am looking forward now to shifting to painting some landscapes outside in plein air, particularly at New Pond Farm, in other media. Shown below, I decided to leave the cradled panel sides bare wood on this one, instead of wrapping the painting around the edges, or painting the edges, like I did the others. I like the clean look!

This 18″ x 18″ painting is available for sale, so contact me if you are interested. You can also get prints of it or merchandise of it here in my gallery.


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