Day 33: The Many Faces of Pond Water (and its Lessons)

Day 33: The Many Faces of Pond Water (and its Lessons)

My study of South Branch Pond continues. These photos are all of the same pond in different moments. I love the contrasts, the compositions, the variation in one place, when you get still enough to notice.

It is quite the metaphor, this still pond taking on so much humble interest. We all should be so clear and reflective, so quiet and shimmering, so interesting and sincere, so amplifying of the good around us.

Let us all take a lesson from this beauty that comes from transparency and the automatic complimentary response to whatever interacts with us. May we too let the divine light pass through us, dance upon us, and ripple within us.


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  1. Dilys 5 years ago

    It’s hard to believe all the photos are of the same Pond! So beautiful!

  2. Elisabeth 5 years ago

    What a treat! I love water and those shots are sooo good.
    Thanks Polly! :)

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