Day Before Ellie and Brock’s Wedding (Flowers and Photos)

Day Before Ellie and Brock’s Wedding (Flowers and Photos)

Last week we traveled to Louisiana to Brock and Ellie’s wedding. Ellie is our niece, and was the flower girl in our own wedding. It was great to see her and all sorts of other family we haven’t seen in a long time, including our daughter from California, whom we hadn’t seen in almost 2 years, due to the pandemic.  Other family came in from the north peninsula of Michigan, Iowa, Texas, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and even London. We were delighted to meet the groom’s family, as well as the couple’s friends, but also got to meet some babies new to the family, as well as our nephew’s girlfriend. The whole group was wonderful.

Ellie and Brock are cultivating a 10 acre plot of land, where they are also in the process of finishing a house that they’ve moved to the property. The wedding festivities took place on their land which they call “the Patch.” Last Friday, we gathered to make flower arrangements and boutonnieres; the gorgeous flowers were grown by one of the bridesmaids.

After the rehearsal and cajun dinner, there was a talent show with singing and toasts and jokes. Our daughter played the flute and I read the poem I wrote and dedicated to the couple that you can read here.

The palpable love present and community coming together made this day extra special. Enjoy my photos below of a stress-free, fun day of preparation.


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  1. Gillian 2 years ago

    Oh Polly – thank you for sharing the JOY – with love,

  2. John gregory 2 years ago

    Wow! What joy! What great teeth!!

  3. Sue Krevitt 2 years ago

    … has been …said …that heaven is a …far off …divine event….
    Looking at the joy and heart and …purity of these precious scenes….brings the clear sense
    that …heaven is at hand…within, around, and …as us
    ….as we look for it…acknowledge it….see it… love it….here, now, and forever…………..

    I loved being part of your family, for these sweet
    moments just now, Polly. Thank you, friend. :-)))


  4. Meg Hanson 2 years ago

    I love all the home grown flowers and hand made bouquets. So beautiful and unique.

  5. Gisele Duehring 2 years ago

    Many thanks for bringing your love to this special time and place and for capturing so much love on film!

    • Author
      Polly Castor 2 years ago

      It was great to see you Gisele!

  6. Cheryl 2 years ago

    The flowers are stunning! What a joyous event. I am so happy that you could share in such a special occasion in person.

  7. Lilian 2 years ago

    What a wonderful family! Such purity and innocence and love for each other.

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