Ellie and Brock’s Wedding (Photos)

Ellie and Brock’s Wedding (Photos)

Ellie and Brock’s wedding was a beautiful love fest. They were so happy and free spirited, so comfortable in in their own skin, that everyone else was too. It was a pleasure being at such an unpretentious wedding, a delight to witness such joy in a two people who who want to be together, and a privilege to record it in images.

The bride (our niece) was still sewing her wedding dress two hours before the wedding. She drove herself up to the ceremony in a vintage land cruiser. The groom walked down the aisle with his mother. The maid of honor was the bride’s brother, the best man was an older female mentor of the groom. The minister officiating was the bride’s step-father. Our younger daughter played gorgeous original piano music she composed specifically for the service. They did not throw the bouquet. The food was soul food. The cakes were enormous and delicious, and served with  amazing mulberry gelato made with mulberries the bridal couple had grown. We processed in a dancing, jubilant line around the pond waving napkins and flowers. They floated luminaria out on the pond. There were two excellent bands, one directly after the service, another up on the porch after some of the people had gone home. We came an hour before the service, and were there for twelve enchanting hours. It all ended with a big bonfire we lingered around.

We all had a wonderful time. The weather was perfect. The couple was in love. The community and family was there to cherish and support them, while enjoying each other. What could be better?

Below you can see a fraction of my photos of how the day progressed.

Congratulations Ellie and Brock!



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  1. Kristie 2 years ago

    So much JOY, so much LOVE, so much COLOR, so many FLOWERS . . . My favorite things in LIFE 💗❤️🧡💛

  2. Gisele Duehring 2 years ago

    So splendid to be on the phone with Ellie this evening as she was seeing these pics for the first time — lots of joyful ohs and wows! She was especially thankful because that day had all gone so quickly, and now she gets a chance to savor over and over these moments captured on film!


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