More Farmer’s Market Photos

More Farmer’s Market Photos


At the beginning of the month, I posted pictures of our farmer’s market, but now that the produce is so different, I thought I’d share  some updated photos. The first and last pictures below show what we bought on typical weeks in October. And the lovely couple above from Daffodil Hill Growers are one of our favorite sets of farmers to support.

IMG_4918  IMG_5808  IMG_4886  IMG_4862  IMG_5199  IMG_4880  IMG_4863  IMG_4878  IMG_4879  IMG_4887  IMG_5809  IMG_4855  IMG_4851  IMG_5832  IMG_5812  IMG_1414 IMG_4894  IMG_4870  IMG_4859  IMG_4881  IMG_4875  IMG_6089 IMG_4860  IMG_4861  IMG_4877  IMG_4885  IMG_4883  IMG_5813  IMG_5829

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  1. Beverly Lyle 9 years ago


    Your photos are an absolute feast! Thank you!!!!

  2. Deborah 9 years ago

    The choice is incredible….you live in a very fertile region!

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