Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home


Last year when I got home from Creative Arts Camp I was frazzled, exhausted and had serious difficulty transitioning back to what felt like a grind. Maybe it was because I was returning to face the college application process? Anyway, thankfully this year is delightfully different.

I’m glad to be home at last from my two wonderful but intensely busy trips to Maine. I feel like I’ve been away much longer than I have been. I’m looking forward to embracing an improved version of my daily routine and am filled with energy and resolve to tackle it a fresh.

Homeschooling begins in earnest. I have over a thousand new emails from being gone for six days, and it is not even overwhelming me. I’ve had a great time connecting with beauty and inspiration. I’ve enjoyed good food prepared by others and a major chunk of camaraderie and fellowship. I’m embracing the idea of tucking myself quietly under God’s wing and burrowing in deeply, nestling in those fluffy feathers there. I’m anticipating with renewed joy the prospect of bringing healing to others. I’m looking forward to spending quality time with the two children that are still under my roof, and my dear husband who I see all too little of. I’m resolute about pursuing some unfinished goals, like de-cluttering my office. I desire a clean and orderly house and am willing to do what it takes to get it that way. I’ll start cooking again tomorrow…

And how nice it is to come home to our beautiful garden! The mandevilles were slow to climb the back trellis and the front porch columns this year, but their vibrant crimson color is now very welcoming. The begonias around the flagpole are rejoicing too. It is good to come home and get on with one’s contribution in the world!










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