Movie Review: Frozen

Movie Review: Frozen

Frozen movie reviews

It had been a long time since we’ve been to the movies and I was ripe to see one. Frozen, put out in animation by Disney, was a fun diversion but not amazing. I give it three stars. I loved the stunning choral music at the beginning and end, and as usual, the artwork gave one plenty to look at. The ice crystals and formations were lovely, but why are animated eyes typically so unrealistically huge? I wish they weren’t.

I felt the plot was rather thin and some of the songs too trite or syrupy, but there were some good messages here too. Girls: own your own power and do not be afraid of it. Don’t hide it and pretend you don’t have it, because that will be a problem for everyone. Don’t shut out the ones you love, but also don’t agree to marry until you really know a person through and through. And best of all: true love is the answer to whatever ails you or whatever problem you are facing.

I enjoy waiting to the end of the credits and gawking at all the names it takes to make an animated film. It was a surprise to see a list of all the babies born to workers during the making of the film! I thought it was great to have them acknowledged. Also in the credits was a disclaimer that Disney doesn’t necessarily believe that all men eat their boogers…

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