Recent Food Around Here

Recent Food Around Here


Here is what we’ve been eating lately. It is more of the same, really, but we’ve been trying to amp up the quantity.  It takes time to make all this, which is why they call it “slow food” I suppose. There are a couple restaurant meals here, but I made the rest. My husband is fond of saying now that he doesn’t see the point of going out to eat when my food is better…

Above you can see the gorgeous scallions he grew in his garden, and in the photos below you can also see some of the pottery I have made pressed into service. It is fun to use!

I hope this post inspires you to take the time and enjoy wonderful, homemade food. It is worth the effort. We have to eat so it might as well be delightful. There is so much sumptuous variety to choose from. I have been experimenting with lots of new flavors which has been both fun and enlightening. It makes cooking a creative outlet too, instead of a chore.

IMG_4547  IMG_4639  IMG_4415  IMG_4465    IMG_4460  IMG_4367  IMG_2618 (1)  IMG_4246  IMG_4243  IMG_2529   IMG_4236    IMG_4213  IMG_4165      IMG_4199   IMG_4159  IMG_4105  IMG_4097  IMG_4010  IMG_4008  IMG_4024  IMG_3581  IMG_4223 IMG_2531  IMG_3892  IMG_3665  IMG_3678  IMG_3726  IMG_3742  IMG_3746    IMG_2877  IMG_2899  IMG_3534  IMG_3113  IMG_2975  IMG_2633  IMG_2897  IMG_4549 IMG_2683  IMG_2825  IMG_2813  IMG_2687  IMG_2837  IMG_2870  IMG_3896

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  1. Patricia Campbell 8 years ago

    I really wish you would write a second cookbook! I would buy it for me and at least 4 other people I can think of… With photos like these to show how it looks – wow! (Simple, though, simple) :-)

    • Author
      Polly Castor 8 years ago

      I’ve been thinking about it!

  2. Heidi 8 years ago

    I believe the best meals are the really colorful ones that are a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach! Lots of beautiful color here, and I’d expect no less from such an artist! :) Now I’m hungry!!

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