Baby Chicks in Black and White

Baby Chicks in Black and White

photos of baby chicks

These Holbrook Farm chicks were less than a day old when I saw them yesterday– some of them were so new they were still wet. They tumble and step all over each other, and almost smother each other, snuggling in close together. 

It was really a challenge taking photos of them partly because the heat lamp was so yellow as to make color photography impossible, but also they were moving so much, obstructing my view with each other. Anyway in this post, you can still see how fluffy, wonderful, and fun they are. I might return next week to try to photograph them again.

Which ones of these are roosters? Which ones will lay the eggs that we will eat? By next week it will be clear who is who, they grow that fast. There was a difference in size just in hatching a few hours earlier, which I find amazing.

IMG_8120 IMG_8118  IMG_8100  IMG_8142  IMG_8119  IMG_8104    IMG_8116  IMG_8144    IMG_8128  IMG_8112  IMG_8121  IMG_8124  IMG_8111  IMG_8102

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