Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene

runoff form Hurricane Irene

Well, we were out of power four days. The first evening we all played Settler’s of Catan by candlelight and had a nice family time. The second evening I painted by candlelight. By the third evening it wasn’t fun anymore and I negotiated with a friend in order to put our stuff in her freezer in order not to loose it all. We charged our phones by idling the cars in the driveway. The kids, starting their online classes, were very inconvenienced by major deadlines looming and no internet access. We were all thrilled when the electricity came back on! I jumped into a hot shower, the first thing.

Our side porch leaked and all the porch stuff is now in my hall. My house is additionally a mess since all the stuff that usually gets done in the evenings didn’t happen. But we fortunately lost no trees and sustained no major damage. Our refrigerator and freezer are now cleaned out!

I did not drive around and photograph damage. The parking lot of the Walmart was under five feet of water. Water was up over the beach at the quarry, extending into the parking lot. Some good photos just did not get taken by me… we were too busy coping… I’m glad its over!

tree roots from Hurricane Irene

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