Amazing Water Reflection Photos

Amazing Water Reflection Photos

Annapolis MD water reflections

I took these photos of water from the Annapolis docks. Even though they look like abstract digital art, they are unedited photographs except for cropping in some cases. Reflected were boats and rigging, piers, a red truck, a yellow car, and of course a blue sky. Now can you tell what you are looking at? These images bring a whole new definition to photo-representational art, don’t they! I thought these pictures were amazing. How about you?

IMG_4231 IMG_4275 IMG_4217 IMG_4247 IMG_4224 IMG_4286 IMG_4257 IMG_4249 IMG_4222 IMG_4210 IMG_4117 IMG_4262 IMG_4253 IMG_4221 IMG_4250 IMG_4256 IMG_4238IMG_4213 IMG_4258 IMG_4252 IMG_4244 IMG_4269 IMG_4261 IMG_4254 IMG_4287 IMG_4239 IMG_4281 IMG_4245 IMG_4215 IMG_4280 IMG_4228 IMG_4227 IMG_4284 IMG_4220 IMG_4225 IMG_4226 IMG_4219 IMG_4255 IMG_4277 IMG_4113 IMG_4237 IMG_4271 IMG_4216 IMG_4208-1 IMG_4212 IMG_4112 IMG_4279-1 IMG_4206 IMG_4214 IMG_4270 IMG_4201 IMG_4211 IMG_4111

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