Photos of Annapolis Boats

Photos of Annapolis Boats


While in Annapolis, I had the luxury of spending a few hours on the docks, by myself. I had some wonderful quiet time, did some great people watching, and mostly looked at boats. It was fascinating what they were named and where they were from. Especially intriguing were the ones “from” landlocked interior states, or ones literally all the way from the Pacific coast. After taking these first seven prosaic photos of the boats, I started to look at the arrangement of closer up frames of the complicated scene as little abstract works of art in themselves. The study of bright light and blue shadow was captivating as the only time I’ve photographed shadows of such hues were on brilliant snow. The ropes added engaging pattern. The compositions here were carefully orchestrated and interesting to contemplate. I hope you think so too!

IMG_4180 IMG_4175 IMG_4092 IMG_4002 IMG_4011 IMG_3996 IMG_4058 IMG_4000 IMG_4065 IMG_4006 IMG_4149 IMG_4026 IMG_4127 IMG_4084 IMG_4063

IMG_4050 IMG_4182 IMG_4097 IMG_4083 IMG_4069 IMG_4095 IMG_4142 IMG_4123 IMG_4099 IMG_4085 IMG_4136 IMG_4141 IMG_4183 IMG_4130 IMG_4132 IMG_4122IMG_4048 IMG_4106 IMG_4086 IMG_4038 IMG_4081 IMG_4039 IMG_4030 IMG_4147

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