I am not the Source

I am not the Source

I am not the Source essay

One of you blog readers asked me last week what my first thought of the day usually is. I have gone through many phases where this answer would be different than it is right now, but I do always have a “good thought” before my feet hit the floor, even though I don’t always take long doing it.

Lately, I’ve been finding it helpful to remind myself that, “I am not the Source.” I am the outcome, and yes there are responsibilities related to that like obedience, devotion, patience, responsiveness, humility, and extension.  But the key point is I am nothing UNDERIVED.  I am not self made. I respond to the answers, I don’t have to create those solutions. I don’t have to make anything happen, I merely need to consciously do my genuinely authentic part of the larger process.

My connectivity to the Source is indelible, strong, and unable to be severed.  Because the Source is infinite and eternal, it follows that as an outcome, I also won’t wane, degenerate, age, break, or wear out. Think how far a sun beam goes from the sun with every quality of its Source intact. Nothing blocks or obliterates that ray, it just keeps bouncing through its trajectory forever. Additionally, each ray has its own unique coordinates, and mine are no one else’s, just as their’s does not need to be judged by me.

There will be demands on me during the day, but I can greet them as a responding listener, a dutiful reflection, a loving servant, instead of an initiator. I can see everyone else that way too, because there is a Source and assurance beyond each separate individual. I believe there is an overarching creative composition to existence that is beyond what I can see entirely, which is wholly based on good. Thankfully, I do not think we are all separate agencies competing for a limited piece of pie. Instead, I see us as all beloved dancers in a gorgeously vibrant collective choreography, energetic, fluid, strong, and diaphanously beautiful.

Stemming from one Source means we are congruent. This is so stabilizing, with no need for envy, jealousy, argument, or fear, since we are all equally and completely provided for– if we’ll only respectively own that truth. This consonance with each other makes us get along as part of something larger than ourselves, and I find this especially helpful to remember as our country faces another election season. If we all mirror our common Source and choose integrity, inclusivity, and kindness, things will be all right.

I know some people don’t listen to their Source, roaring off all half-cocked and full of hubris, but remembering that I’m not the Source includes for me knowing we are all actually different directional rays of light from the same sun and not agents of impending darkness. I know that all I can do is focus on my own influence, by being my own best, undiluted ray, but extending our metaphor here, I also know that light definitely banishes darkness.

So for today, I will focus on being the light, derived from the grand Source of all light. I will remember that I can turn to the Source for everything I need: specific wisdom, generous vitality, undiminishing intelligence, abundant provision, timeless progress, and enduring safety. I’m grateful I can trust something higher and more enlightened than any of us.

So basically, all this thinking and more undergirds this concise first thought, “I am not the Source.” It brings immediate relief from a whole menu of concerns, and frees me to have a brilliant day, joyfully dancing my intuitive part of the irrepressible whole.



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  1. Liz 1 year ago

    Wonderful, Polly. Thank you!! ❤️

  2. Sue Wall 1 year ago

    That’s all very helpful for me today, Polly. Thanks for going deep on this. I’m sharing your joy in our Source.

  3. John+gregory 1 year ago

    “Remember God” was suggested to me by a good friend. I always try to say”Thank you God” upon awakening. Thank you for this.

  4. Anita 1 year ago

    I can’t tell you how helpful this is been to me today. I must’ve read it half a dozen times or more. It’s helping me with a great challenge. Thank you

    • Author
      Polly Castor 1 year ago

      So glad!

  5. Bertha 1 year ago

    Thank you Polly, this is so true and a sound start to the day!

  6. Nicole 1 year ago

    Thank you, Polly Castor.
    My appreciation for your light.

    I am not the Source!
    All smiles.

    Nicole Dawn Apperley

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