Rain Followed by an Amazing Rainbow

Rain Followed by an Amazing Rainbow

amazing rainbow

After a soggy start to our trip we had the privilege of this amazing rainbow. I felt like it was a God-sent answer to something I was praying about for someone else through my work. I couldn’t get any news through technology, so God texted me this rainbow to let me know all was well. It felt holy. It could only portend good.

The photos don’t do it justice; the color was much more vibrant than any rainbow I’ve ever seen. Also seeing exactly where the rainbow touched down, as well as having it reflected in the water were additional boons. This sight is something I’ll never forget, and was certainly worth being wet previously.


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  1. John gregory 3 years ago

    I can feel the calm of this place. You are so blessed.

  2. Alice 3 years ago

    Amazing photos Polly!

  3. Stunning and moving

  4. Deborah Dunne 3 years ago

    Spectacular pictures. I think you are very brave to take these adventures. I remember camping with my children in Canada and the thought of bears was an everpresent fear. I enjoy your trips vicariously so thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures.

  5. Phyllis McDonald 3 years ago

    Wow. How wonderful you can share those amazing pictures and we get to see it, too. Your backstory adds so much more meaning to it.

  6. Sue Krevitt 3 years ago

    Soul’s beauty surrounds us all, all the time!
    Thank you for sharing your inspiration, Polly.

    When I first found a photo of an entire ROUND rainbow, as I theoretically knew all rainbows are, I was finally convinced of this fact. Funny how determined the five senses are to present facts, when … how can they?
    But glimpses are sure helpful, and round(ish) rainbows help!
    (Good thing Columbus refused to believe the earth could not be round!!!)

  7. Lolly Murray 3 years ago

    Marvelous photos, Polly! A lovely and reassuring message for you. Have a great time at camp! We are renting a place in the Pacific NW so Brad can see his family, having a fine time. Have seen Julie Arthur twice, and she’ll be back w/you in Maine.

  8. Karen King 3 years ago

    Spectacular. Nothing beats Mother Nature.

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