Undergrowth Now Green, but Trees Not Yet (Photos)

Undergrowth Now Green, but Trees Not Yet (Photos)

Undergrowth greening, trees not quite yet photos

As I’m not going anywhere right now, I have the privilege of plodding over and over again the same turf at Huntington State Park, witnessing the incremental procession of the season over this same, repeated landscape.

Right now, the undergrowth is green, and it is a short window before the trees become so as well. This moment is often easy to miss when we are not so hunkered down. I captured this special time here for you, featuring wild rose, spiraea, skunk cabbage, moss, dandelion, and in the last shot, the first tree buds asserting themselves.

Soon things with be leafing out all over, and you’ll probably see that step posted as well, since I believe it is important to pay attention to all the small, but amazing glories of our natural surroundings.


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  1. Gillian Smith 4 years ago

    Lovely, Polly. Thank you. We are slightly ahead of you, and the irises are getting ready to bloom …. we have one called Immortality. It is so beautiful.

    • Author
      Polly Castor 4 years ago

      Cool! Photo?

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