Website Upgrade with New Site to Sell Original Art

Website Upgrade with New Site to Sell Original Art

Website upgrade

Yay! I’ve been working hard to upgrade this website and it is close enough to share!

The most major news is a new commercial website where you can buy my original art and ceramics online with a shopping cart! You can go to the new address for that or simply click “Art” in this website’s menu bar. Also on the home page (especially for phone users) there is a button under the slider that says “Buy Original Art.”

So go there and check it out. I’m still populating the site with artwork; I have input about 2/3rds of what I already have so far, and I’ll be continuing to add the other third, as well as whenever new work is created. So check  it out now, as there is plenty to see, but check back later too, and browse on occasion. I’m taking time to explain each piece a bit, so I hope you enjoy the descriptions. Some paintings I need to confirm their sizing, so if that info is not listed yet, it will be soon.

Other things regarding the website that have been updated:

  • We changed the header, because when you posted a blog on Facebook, it posted it as a picture, which was annoying and not relevant. Now when you share a blog post of mine on Facebook, it will look beautiful! I encourage you to share what you love here with others!
  • If you were having trouble occasionally getting internal service errors, you won’t anymore. We no longer have “process limits” so as many of you as imaginable can all be on at the same time without our server flipping out.
  • I added a Workshop page. If you have taken a workshop of mine in the past, you might find your photo there. There are new workshops scheduled already for the fall, so check that page out.
  • I added a Prayer tab to the menu bar to explain my day job as a Christian Science Practitioner, for those that are curious. I’d be happy to work with any of you in that capacity, whenever needed.
  • And what used to be called the Gallery on this site has been renamed Merchandise where you can buy prints and merchandise with my images on it, as usual.

Now that I’ve got this daunting project almost done, summer can begin!

But first I want to give a plug to the wonderful website developer who helped us through this process. Tell Michael you got the recommendation to work with him from me; he’s been so great, I want him to feel the love in a practical way! This wouldn’t have gotten done without him, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

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