Favorite Photos Taken by my Students in my Art of Seeing Class

Favorite Photos Taken by my Students in my Art of Seeing Class

Favorite Photos Taken by my Students in my Art of Seeing Class

I had wonderful participants in my Art of Seeing (with a smartphone) class at Creative Arts Camp at Camp Newfound in Maine. We worked on exchanging things into thoughts, seeing the ideas of Soul, instead of objects of sense. We learned how to change exposure and focus on the iPhone, as well as gained editing skills, composition, and cropping skills. The key points in a good photograph were understood to be seeing spiritual ideas instead of things, loving what you are looking at, and the principles of good composition, including eliminating distractions to your focal points. Photographs with the intent to bless do just that.

Other than share a lot of metaphysical ideas aimed at getting them to see beyond matter, and learning the fundamentals of both photography and their cameras, they were asked to carry their phones everywhere, and like on a treasure hunt, find photos of the following categories:  reflection, shadow, light, texture, contrast, form, scale, density, feeling, depth, transparency, perspective, proportion, and portraiture, etc. In this post you can see some of our favorite photos of student work in that endeavor. All photos here are theirs!



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