Loving my Side Porch

Loving my Side Porch

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I’ve been loving my side porch. It’s nothing fancy; it is small and more than a bit crowded, with used hand-me-down furniture, and sporting the ongoing collection of recycling, but it currently is my favorite spot in the house. 

It is an unheated three season porch, screened in during the summer, and it has been many things in the past, but is currently evolving into a bit of studio space. With ventilation everywhere, oil paintings dry without being asphyxiating.  I especially like being out there early in the morning, with the sun streaming in while I luxuriate in some quiet time, still in my jammies, feeling like I’m outside but with the privacy of being inside. 

I also like hanging out there chatting with my husband over ice cream at dusk when it is too buggy to be outdoors, or being creative in the evening at my mom’s old drawing board in a pool of light surrounded by darkness filled with the high pitched cacophony of crickets. 

I like reading in that blue chair of my dad’s, which is just the perfect shape for me, or grabbing a few minutes out there at midnight, to play a couple games of Words With Friends on my iPhone with far off nephews before shuffling off to bed. 

Surrounded by memorable finds from nature which I can see from my kitchen window, stacks of periodicals to read, and by artwork of mine in various stages of incompletion, I’m happy, even blissful.  I ponder new directions, plumb profound insights, and overflow with expressions of joy, grateful for such a wonderfully unpretentious space to do it all in.













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