Recent Food Around Here

Recent Food Around Here

Recent Food Around Here

Some of you wanted a Whole30 update, and this post will suffice as one. We are eating like kings and slenderizing at the same time. I am not missing the grain or the sugar at all (and yes, those muffins are delicious and have neither).

I am buying almost nothing packaged. These photos are just two months in on my 6 month promise to myself, and I’m loving it. A lot of cooking has been going on!

Check out these photos of what we’ve been eating lately. What’s not to like?

IMG_6609  IMG_7551  IMG_7830  IMG_6733  IMG_7675  IMG_7200  IMG_6813  IMG_7672  IMG_7483  IMG_4665  IMG_6910  IMG_7775  IMG_6771  IMG_7809  IMG_6982  IMG_7649  IMG_6949  IMG_7339  IMG_7378  IMG_7418  IMG_6838  IMG_7361  IMG_7094  IMG_7266  IMG_6832  IMG_7179  IMG_7097  IMG_6985  IMG_6682  IMG_6773  IMG_7263  IMG_6699  IMG_6776  IMG_7319  IMG_7748  IMG_7325  IMG_7708  IMG_7771  IMG_6854  IMG_7210  IMG_6797  IMG_6888  IMG_7023  IMG_7712  IMG_6900  IMG_7031  IMG_6736  IMG_7184  IMG_7149  IMG_7395  IMG_7650

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  1. Heidi Smith 6 years ago

    Suddenly my lunch leftovers don’t look so great… ;) YUM

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