Wherever You Are (Poem by Maxine Shore)

Wherever You Are (Poem by Maxine Shore)

Wherever You Are (poem byMaxine Shore)

Wherever You Are

I do not know your name,
may never know it,
but I know you—
you are my brother.

I have not seen your face
or touched your hand,
may never see or touch—
yet I am with you
though we may never meet
on common ground of earth.

Wherever you are,
seeker of good,
in whatever place or peril—
lost in jungle’s maze
or sand-blown desert
or sea’s wave mountains
or stretch of space,
lost, imprisoned, famished,
ghettoed by prejudice,
tyranny, pain,
walled by hovel,
wracked by storm—
be still, my brother, and feel
the silent ceaseless prayers
of all the caring family of man;
for we are all kin,
sprung from the same eternal Mind,
bound for the same sure destination.

Remember that love knows no boundaries,
temporal or spatial,
but flows across all borders,
reaches over every barrier,
through all fears.

For we are all beloved of the one Father,
directed, protected, sustained by Him.

by Maxine Shore as seen here

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