Beauty and the Beast (Movie Review)

Beauty and the Beast (Movie Review)

Beauty and the Beast (Movie Review)

Last Friday on opening night in a sold out theater, we saw the new version of Beauty and the Beast. It was fun and we enjoyed it. 

But there were some scenes in it that were really overdone, in my opinion. This was particularly true of a trippy sequence where they are supposedly feeding Belle dinner (she never takes a bite) where things are just swirling around for way too long. I thought some of the singing scenes were drawn out too much too. So I can only give this film four stars. It does occur to me that since we saw it only in the digital version, those bits might have been more choreographed for the 3D or IMax versions, and may have made more sense in those contexts.

Regardless of all that, both Belle and the beast did a magnificent job, and their mutual expressiveness really carried the movie. This movie is destined to be a classic, and seeing Emma Thompson in it was a delightful surprise.

Check out the trailer here…  

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