Recent Black and White Photographs

Recent Black and White Photographs


Our rambles have taken us far and wide this past month, and I think the photo above of sunlight through the blinds onto our bathroom floor is the only one of these many photos that was taken at home. Five states in four quadrants of the country are represented here. I hope you are as enchanted by the variety, light, form, beauty, texture, contrast, and composition represented in these photographs as much as I was firsthand.

IMG_0160  IMG_1689-1  IMG_0802  IMG_9973  IMG_0361  IMG_1203  IMG_1673  IMG_9978  IMG_3427  IMG_2321  IMG_3638  IMG_0632  IMG_0479  IMG_0109  IMG_9394  IMG_0414  IMG_1085  IMG_1238  IMG_1674  IMG_2335  IMG_8712  IMG_0148  IMG_9381  IMG_0628  IMG_0364  IMG_1093  IMG_0076  IMG_0675  IMG_2557  IMG_8799  IMG_0456  IMG_9972  IMG_9884  IMG_8794  IMG_0409  IMG_1168  IMG_2317  IMG_8639  IMG_0683  IMG_2558  IMG_0508  IMG_8640  IMG_0499  IMG_0732  IMG_1170  IMG_1425  IMG_2127  IMG_4055  IMG_8723  IMG_0477  IMG_0489  IMG_8704  IMG_2559  IMG_1172  IMG_2225  IMG_4033  IMG_0805-Version-2

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