Milkweed Reference Photos

Milkweed Reference Photos

milkweed reference photos

Ever since I took the photos that accompanied this poem on the blog a couple weeks ago, I’ve been thinking I wanted to paint some abstracts of milkweed pods, and have been on the look out for some to study. On a walk yesterday that took me where I had not been, I saw a small field full of them. Yay!

So I took all these photos to study their form and texture. I don’t yet know how this will translate to painting them, or how many I will do, but I’m enjoying thinking about it. I am pretty sure, however, that the color will be different than the flax, white, gray, and brown seen here. I’m seeing these as more of a launching point, than detailed guidelines.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the quiet exuberance of these as much as I did. Spiritually, I relate to their busting out, seed scattering selves.


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  1. LOREE OGAN 5 years ago

    I know where these maginificent photos were shot!

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