April Snow

April Snow

April Snow

After just returning from Florida, Texas, and California, all of which were far ahead of us in terms of spring blossoming, we were starting to adjust to seeing the first hesitant flowering of spring here, when low and behold, we got snow!

These photos were taken with my iPhone on the way to church Sunday morning in what felt like a wonderland straight out of Narnia. But yesterday it turned plain ugly, spitting out sleet and hail, and knocking off these sweet buds onto the ground. It should warm up soon?

IMG_3587  IMG_3608  IMG_3589  IMG_3661  IMG_3605  IMG_3616  IMG_3633  IMG_3632  Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 8.41.23 PM  IMG_3621  IMG_3607  IMG_3592  IMG_3641  IMG_3624  IMG_3654  IMG_3611  IMG_3627  IMG_3593  IMG_3647  IMG_3628  IMG_3614  IMG_3629  IMG_3615  IMG_3604  IMG_3600

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