Movie Review: Chef

Movie Review: Chef

Movie Reviews Chef

My expectations were not high for this movie but I loved it. To my surprise, I give it five stars, overlooking suggestions to rank it lower because of profanity, or because of the improbability of a food blog going viral, or to simply trivialize it because it is not “important.”

This is a feel good movie about being authentic, about knowing your children and being real with them, about being true to yourself and doing what you love. It is also filled with what some reviewers have aptly called “food porn”; even a grilled cheese sandwich is presented as an art form worthy of inducing saliva and dreaming about.

The role of the ten year old teaching his dad a bit about twitter and the internet was wonderful, as was the fact that there were fewer Hollywood faces I recognized in this, which I found refreshing. (Dustin Hoffman plays the bad guy…)

If you love to cook, eat, or have a soft spot for family, it is likely you’ll love this film too. Just overlook some colorful language and ribald moments which ring as genuine too, rather than gratuitous. And for me, I even overlooked a pig being sliced…

This film not only makes you want to cook, it makes you want to love too. I’m stopping to write this so I can go do both!


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