Our Power Restored by a Crew from Alabama

Our Power Restored by a Crew from Alabama

Hurricane Sandy recovery

We spent all day watching this wonderful crew of five who came all the way from Alabama with multiple trucks to restore power in Connecticut. First they removed the old pole from the ground, and then put the new one in place.  Next, they had to get the wires from the ground put on the new pole…  

Neighbors stood by and watched too, bringing donuts and coffee for the crew.  This crew was ready and waiting in Connecticut the day before the hurricane hit, and will miss the opportunity to vote by being here.  They worked hard all day long, seemingly without conversation to each other, and did not even break for lunch. I got the foreman’s email to send these photos to as well as their boss’ email to write and give them praise where it might help the most.

We were so grateful to have power again!  Now we need AT&T to get internet…

This was our nation at it’s best: helping those in need even if they are far away, as well as pride in a job well done and a pay check well earned.  May we all be a nation of competence expressed with brotherly love and rewarded with good pay!

Check out my photos here of the day. My favorite one is last…

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-untitled-  2418


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-untitled-  2428

-untitled-  2427

-untitled-  2431

-untitled-  2435



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-untitled-  2453

-untitled-  2451

-untitled-  2459


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-untitled-  2477

-untitled-  2480

-untitled-  2485

-untitled-  2490

-untitled-  2491

-untitled-  2497

-untitled-  2496

-untitled-  2505

Hurricane Sandy recovery

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