Photos of a Consignment Shop

Photos of a Consignment Shop

old egg slicer, Polly Castor Photography

Yesterday, on a rare lazy Saturday afternoon, we found ourselves browsing in this consignment shop. Photos here were taken with my iPhone; I did not expect to wish I had my camera! My youngest daughter has been setting up still life arrangements to draw recently, and this shop was rife with them already assembled everywhere you looked!

What did we buy? The old egg slicer shown above, which will be fun to use. What did I like best? The blue and white pitcher and bowl shown last below – isn’t that dreamy? I love it. And who wouldn’t appreciate the small bronze dinosaurs shown first below?

IMG_3067 IMG_3029 IMG_3064 IMG_3026 IMG_3040 IMG_3061 IMG_3059IMG_3045 IMG_3063 IMG_3050 IMG_3025 IMG_3018 IMG_3016 IMG_3013 IMG_3008

IMG_3007 IMG_3003 IMG_3002 IMG_2985 IMG_2989 IMG_2987 IMG_2984 IMG_2980 IMG_2982

IMG_2978 IMG_2968 IMG_2977 IMG_2973 IMG_2976 IMG_2971 IMG_2965-1 IMG_2962 IMG_3060IMG_2969 IMG_3035 IMG_3010 IMG_3012 IMG_3020 IMG_3038

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