Jason and Kim’s Wedding (Photos)

Jason and Kim’s Wedding (Photos)

Jason and Kim's Wedding photos

Last weekend we flew to Corpus Christi for our nephew’s wedding. (This nephew is my husband’s brother’s son.) We like the bride very much and are delighted to welcome her into the family. The whole occasion was wonderful.

It is particularly fun to be at a wedding where you feel so good about the relationship it cements. These two are clearly good for one another, as well as have fun together, all while keeping their priorities straight, and exuding a charming groundedness and joyously unflappable stability. We love them both and are glad they have each other.

I am repeatedly grateful to have married into a family I genuinely love so much. In addition to celebrating the wedding couple, it was delightful to get to see the family matriarch, my husband’s aunt, who is still mobile and sharp at 94, as well as to meet our niece’s (sister of the groom) new baby.

Also special is when our nephew was eleven, he received my husband’s mom’s wedding rings as the oldest male grandchild. He proposed to Kim with these rings, and she loved them. Also, they fit perfectly. I keep thinking how pleased my husband’s mother would be about who is now wearing her rings.

Another sweet detail is the groom’s sister made the wedding dress!

There was a bonfire on the beach the evening before, and the wedding was Saturday morning in a church without walls, followed by a brunch reception at noon. We ate, danced, chatted, and hugged lots. When will I see all these folks again?

Check out my photos in this post of a lovely occasion.

Here’s to the happy couple, may they be blessed in every marvelous way.































































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  1. John+gregory 8 months ago

    Beautiful dress. Smiles, flowers, love. Best picture of you with the baby….calm…..

    • Author
      Polly Castor 8 months ago

      And that calm was while the dance music was blaring! 😀

  2. Dilys 8 months ago

    What a beautiful and joyful occasion! Blessings abound x

  3. Emily Kendrick 8 months ago

    How tender and lovely. We love being included in the joy ❤️

  4. Sue Krevitt 8 months ago

    WoW….I n’er seen so many Happy Smiles in one…email in my life! Heart-warming.

  5. Gisele Duehring 8 months ago

    Thanks very much for the pics and your warm words! Another detail– Jason’s tie was the one his maternal granddad wore to his wedding in 1947. Some family thought it looked fallish; Jason observed it looked tropical.

    • Author
      Polly Castor 8 months ago

      To me it looks like his granddad was way ahead of his time! I love now timelessly modern it is!

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