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  • Water Crisis Facts

    By on April 25, 2010

    My thirteen year old daughter is doing her science fair project on the water crisis. Below she shares some...

  • This Week’s Shared Harvest Haul

    By on September 25, 2009

    We’ve enjoyed being part of what New Pond Farm here calls their “shared harvest” program. Other places call the...

  • Photos of Our Farmer’s Market

    By on August 15, 2009

    I took these photos this morning at our Farmer’s Market here in town. It is a true feast for...

  • Our Peaches Are Ripening…

    By on August 11, 2009

    Our peaches are starting to ripen! There are a lot of them, although a little spotted… Not bad for...

  • Movie Review: Food, Inc.

    By on August 4, 2009

    This is a great movie which I would strongly encourage everyone to see. I give it five stars. Not...

  • Farmer’s Market Haul

    By on August 2, 2009

    I am a major fan of farmer’s markets. Not only does local food taste better because it is more...

  • Polly Castor Photography: Rain on the Parking Lot

    Today’s Poem: Garbage Removal

    By on May 1, 2009

    Garbage Removal I’m up praying at four in the morning. Misty, moist, cool air refreshes, wafting in on tendrils...

  • Today’s Earth Day Poem By Me With Photos

    By on April 22, 2009

                     On Earth Day Often we think of earth’s jaggedly impassable, impressive...

  • Two Book Reviews

    By on April 7, 2009

    The above two books are the best (non-spiritual) non-fiction I have read since the Omnivore’s Dilemma a few years...

  • Hope for the Ocean’s Seafood

    By on March 29, 2009

    This entry is a follow up to yesterdays’ entry on overfishing which you can read here if you missed...

  • Overfishing

    By on March 28, 2009

    My non-fiction reading in recent months has been consumed with reading about overfishing. I’ve been a vegetarian for...