Restaurant: Green Granary

Restaurant: Green Granary


As I mentioned, my daughter is taking a Botany class a couple mornings a week with a homeschool group north of here in New Milford, Connecticut. While she’s in class and it is is either too cold or too wet for painting (see here) or hiking (see here and here), or biking (see here) or taking photos (see here), I’ve been hanging out at a delightful restaurant that serves organic and local food. (You can see my cozy spot there for reading or bookmarking a cookbook – while drinking peppermint tea– and yes that gorgeous car outside is my “new” one…)

Blog readers know of my enthusiasm for sprouted spelt flour, and this place is on board with that, as you can see in the photo below. There are gluten free pastries too, and not only are the veggies local and organic, but the meats are as well. And best of all, I have to say, their lemon ginger scones rival the deliciousness of our recipe, which is saying a lot. Yum!

This place is a bit off the beaten path but is worth going out of your way for; I thought you should know about it. I appreciate these women staying on purpose with what they serve and how they serve it. With each of us voting with our food dollar we are quietly changing the world. I hope you honor these wonderful women by giving them your business when you get a chance.

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