Beautiful Morning at the Farmer’s Market

Beautiful Morning at the Farmer’s Market


Between our own garden and our CSA share from the garden our daughter works in, we hadn’t yet been to the Farmer’s Market this year. We’ve missed it, and it felt so good to be back this morning in the cheery, brilliant sunlight, buying local produce from these friendly people. There is something about the simple, direct ambiance of a farmer’s market that makes me happy.

In the bottom photo you can see what we bought, although not shown there are the twelve eggplants that our daughter bought for her food dehydrator. (She’s drying more of those eggplant Parmesan crisps that I blogged about the other day.) We’ve been eating all our tomatoes and I wanted to roast some to freeze so I bought more. (Click here for my recipe for Slow Roasted Tomatoes.) We also haven’t had any broccoli, cauliflower, apples, or corn from the other two sources…

Also check out the most unusual carrot I’ve ever seen!

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