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  • Third Church of Christ, Scientist, Manhattan

    NYC Church Alive Summit

    By on March 31, 2012

    Today my husband and I attended the New York City Church Alive Summit. The best part of it...

  • NYC Upper East Side

    Photos of NYC Upper East Side

    By on March 30, 2012

    We are in town for a church meeting this weekend; here are some photos of the Upper East Side......

  • journey of the universe movie

    Movie Review: Journey of the Universe

    By on March 29, 2012

    I had free tickets to this as clergy, as they felt we must drive the needed changes in consciousness...

  • Recent Food

    By on March 28, 2012

    Here are photos of recent food around here. (Please note I don’t eat the chicken...) There are links to...

  • magnolia blossoms

    Fleeting Magnolias

    By on March 27, 2012

    Magnolia blossoms are so sumptuous. Unfortunately this year, with an untimely heat wave these came out early, only to...

  • apricot blossoms

    Apricot Blossoms

    By on March 25, 2012

    I am imagining these blossoms of ours as apricots!

  • getting into swarthmore

    Andrew got into Swarthmore!

    By on March 24, 2012

    I hadn’t brought in the mail. This evening, on the way in from a robotics competition, this...

  • all the presidents men movie

    Movie Review: All the President’s Men

    By on March 23, 2012

    I had never seen this classic five star movie before. It is a very well done movie about...

  • Ridgefield Guild of Artists

    “Post Odyssey” Show

    By on March 22, 2012

    Here are highlights of the Ridgefield Guild of Artist’s “Post Odyssey” show. I should have had something in...

  • The Cookbook Collector book

    Book Review: The Cookbook Collector

    By on March 21, 2012

    This was an easy, entertaining read about hunger and acquisition during the bubble of a little over a...

  • spring peeper audio

    Spring Peepers!

    By on March 20, 2012

    I love the advent of spring peepers. They are roaring over here, and I just bask in their sound....

  • late reader

    My 15 Year Old’s Library Haul

    By on March 19, 2012

    I have done something wonderfully right. I have raised readers. My oldest two were early readers. But...