Movie Review: All the President’s Men

Movie Review: All the President’s Men

all the presidents men movie

I had never seen this classic five star movie before.  It is a very well done movie about two rookie Washington Post reporters (played by Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford) doing investigative reporting on the Watergate break in. 

The film records each step as they bust the story wide open, and we see what diligence it took, and how obscure the threads were that unraveled the whole thing. The boss at the Post let two “hungry” reporters have the story, instead of seasoned, experienced ones. Then he remarkably stood behind them through all the bumps in the process, all the way through the dismantling of a President. To anyone less persistent – given the thoroughness of the Watergate cover-up – this story would have dried up and gone cold.  

It was good to watch the freedom of the press make such a needed contribution of accountability.  Here is a case of truth being stranger than fiction…   If you’re like me and somehow have never seen this movie, I recommend it!

movie all the presidents men

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