Land Art (Book Review with Photos)

Land Art (Book Review with Photos)

Land Art Book Review

I thought Land Art was wonderful, and give it a hearty five stars.

This book is a bit in the spirit of Andy Goldsworthy, which I talked about on this blog back in 2010, but is designed more to inspire you and me than to show off any professional prowess.  Brunt does this work with school children or teaming with all sorts of others, and shows how this can we a healthy, invigorating, mindful way of connecting with the land and with peers to create something beautiful.

I put this forward as a way to inspire you to engage with someone you love, or a bunch of children this summer, to do something wonderful like this too. It takes time, but doing so will help everyone slow down, savor, appreciate qualities, textures, colors, patterns, possibilities. I would have absolutely LOVED this as a kid. Maybe you know someone who would as well.

You can see more inspiration on James Brunt’s instagram here, or you can peruse his website here, as well as see the engagement opportunities he offers.

Give doing something like this a try!



















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