United States Botanical Gardens (Photos)

United States Botanical Gardens (Photos)

National Botanical Gardens photos

What could be better to dwell on for Earth Day than a diversity of plants?

A week ago we were in the United States Botanical Gardens with my friend Ann. It was so good to be together! We also enjoyed chatting with her husband, who works for the national zoo, and he said we’d see the extinction of orangoutangs in our lifetime. It is so clear to me that our Earth Day efforts need to go way beyond picking up trash and encouraging recycling. He said they are trying to save the coral, and if they can’t, we’ll automatically lose a quarter of the life in the oceans. I asked him what more can we do, since we recycle, compost, eat organic and mostly vegetables, and have solar on our house. He said to talk about these issues, because only by talking about it will we find solutions. So here I am, doing that.

Meanwhile, the glory of our planet it clear. It is so beautiful and varied. Check out all that fabulousness in the photos below.

For me, these are also reference photos of compositions and organic shapes. So much fodder to think about painting!




























































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  1. Loree 1 month ago

    Looks as though you have collected a years worth of inspiration on your trip to DC.

  2. Dilys 4 weeks ago

    Wow! Nature is amazing – absolutely gorgeous x


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