Your Actual Purpose

Your Actual Purpose

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Why am I?  What do I have to give?  There is much talk about purpose these days, and many folks are struggling with questions about whether they are doing the right thing with their life.

They spend a lot of energy sorting out what human typecast or exterior construct their purpose should conform to, when instead they should consider what is the God-created baseline purpose of their life.

The first chapter of Genesis talks about God creating us in His image and likeness. We all represent God by manifesting His God-like qualities and attributes. The spiritual qualities you are expressing do not depend on your job, your circumstances, where you live, how validated you feel, or what your paycheck is.  Both the president of the United States and the immigrant worker raking leaves need to express patience, honesty, diligence, stamina, and grace. These spiritual qualities are inherent in every one of us and derived directly from God.

Your purpose is to reflect the whole range of God’s qualities and attributes.  We are eternal and coexistent with God, who created us, surrounds us, and companions with us.  Where God embraces us there is no hierarchy nor seniority.  We are all equally valid and needed. Being God’s reflection is the most important thing you do. You are never not doing it, and you are always doing it right.  No one else can get that done.  By being yourself, you have already succeeded with your unique contribution in the world.

Jesus came to bear witness to the Truth.  That is a good enough purpose for anyone.  It starts from a boundless basis and soars on freely and blissfully from there.  Each of us can impart truth, health and happiness.  This is reason enough for existence. 

Our purpose is therefore more about being than doing.  Once our sense of being is right, and we enjoy an established relationship with God, we can bring that into all the details of our life. Each moment, in every detail, are you doing God’s will as He would have you do it? If you are, you are on purpose, and the way will grow brighter unto the perfect day.

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