Be Your True Self

Be Your True Self

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There is nothing more important than being your true self. This does not mean catering to your human personality, but instead, expressing and embracing your actual individuality as created by God.  There is nothing more noble or satisfying than being exactly what God made you to be.

It is counterproductive to let personality define you or others.  Personality is limited and changeable, is circumstantial, and is based on mortal traits. We need to look beyond the flesh, to understand who we eternally are.  Our genuine individuality is comprised of an array of spiritual qualities derived directly from God.  Unlike personality, which would hold us in bondage as slaves to fashion and whim, our individuality has infinite potential through the expression of immortal God-like attributes.

No one can be you but you. No one can take your place.   Your identity is unique, precious, and eternally spiritual.  You are not defined by matter or material forms, but by God, who made you so He could know Himself.  Without you, God would not be fully expressed.  Each of us is actually needed for God to be God. 

And God does not make junk.  So, like yourself.  Take your cue from surrealist painter Salvador Dali, who someone told me recently would wake up each morning, thrilled to have another day of getting to be Salvador Dali. He would muse, “I wonder what Salvador Dali will get to do today?”

Invite God to work in your human consciousness to help you like what you see when you think about yourself. Do not criticize, judge, condemn, ridicule or belittle God’s creation of you.  When you don’t like some aspect of your individuality, you are saying you don’t like God whom you are reflecting. God does not need self-improvement and neither do you as His reflection.  He needs to be appreciated and known, rejoiced over and honored. So do you.

Enjoy discovering and manifesting your true self; it is an endless adventure to revel in.  It is as interesting and rewarding as learning to understand God.  Being who God made you to really be, by actively expressing the whole range of wonderful spiritual qualities and attributes in each and every moment, is our best gift to ourselves, as well as to God and the world. When we are true to who we are as God’s child, everything else will work out!

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