Hike Photos from Huntington State Park (December 2023)

Hike Photos from Huntington State Park (December 2023)

Hike photos from Huntington State Park December 2023

I’m still walking in the same place, trying to see it freshly every time. We’ve had no snow, but lots of rain, and it’s slightly cold, sometimes causing a partial freeze on the water. The brambles, moss, lichen, leaf litter, and strewn pine cones are out in force. The low afternoon light causes the place to glow. And as usual, I love a good reflection photo. I’m so grateful to this place, and that I get to tramp in it in all seasons.

Also, I’ve gotten to walk there this month with people I don’t usually get to!

Check out in these photos my park in this time of dormancy.


















































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  1. Dilys 6 months ago

    Plenty of inspiration for your abstract work, Polly! X

  2. Sue Krevitt 5 months ago

    Mom-Nature’s … Scribbles!!


    Thank you!

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