Hike photos from Huntington State Park (March 2023)

Hike photos from Huntington State Park (March 2023)

Hike Photos Huntington State Park Connecticut

Here I am again, still walking in the same place seeing nuances of the season everywhere, particularly attracted to reflections, blue shadows, composition, and abstract vignettes.

Shown here is our only snow of the year, and a very motley one at that.

Often I look at a scene and imagine the textured mark making that would be required to bring it to life in a painting. This past month the park was a limited palette of blue, gray, and brown… with the first touches of green.

Here’s to the warmer walking months coming on soon, complete with budding color!

I hope you are getting a chance to get outside and be mindful of your surroundings!



























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  1. Sheryl Burkhalter 1 year ago

    So powerful, the beauty you birth with this post.
    Most grateful.

    May the endeavor continue to find wide wings.

  2. Meg+Hanson 1 year ago

    There have been years when the East Coast got tons of snow while the Midwest got hardly any. This year Minnesota has gotten a lot of snow, and you have none. We are leaving AZ on Saturday, but taking the long way home since it is still very wintery in West Central MN where we live. Wayne does not want to go home at all until the snow is gone, but we have some appointments there. I don’t mind, I am ready to get back to my routine there.

  3. Brian G 1 year ago

    I’m particularly drawn to the invisible glass-like component of the still water, where the perspective and composition reflect. The glass is there, but you can’t sense it – you can only know it. Nice.

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