A World of Spiritual Energy (Quote by Shinzen Young)

A World of Spiritual Energy (Quote by Shinzen Young)

A World of spiritual energy quoteby Shinzen Young

“When sufficient mindfulness and equanimity are brought to bear on ordinary experience, we arrive at purification and insight. And, as a result of the purification and insight, our intrinsic happiness, our true birthright and spiritual reality, gets uncovered and we discover that what we thought was the world of phenomena – the world of time, space, and matter – turns out to really be a world of spiritual energy, and that we are in direct contact with it moment by moment.

Because, when the senses become purified, when the inner conflicts – at all levels – have been broken up, the flow of these ordinary senses turns into a prayer, a mantra, a sacred song, and we find that, just by living our life, we are in moment by moment contact with the Source.”

by Shinzen Young


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  1. Joseph D Herring 9 months ago

    Shinzen Young’s comments may be meaningful for anyone schooled in Buddhist thought. For those outside his tradition, they can mean just about anything at all.

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