Your Moment to Shine (Poem by Danna Faulds)

Your Moment to Shine (Poem by Danna Faulds)
Hills of Purple Heather (mixed media) by Polly Castor

Your Moment to Shine

The moment is here,
the moment you step
forward from fear
into light, the moment
that your soul takes flight.

Burrow no more in darkness
and despair. Dare to show
your radiant self,
the miracle of awakened
energy giving you wings
and the courage to be
human and divine
at the same time.

With this breath, you are
initiated into the depths
of freedom and love,
into the peril and perfection
of the moment as it truly is,
and you are right with it,
open, refusing to close down
or cower no matter what
challenges find you inside
or outside. This is your
moment to shine.

by Danna Faulds

Your moment to shine, poem by Danna Faulds Panacea (gouache) by Polly Castor
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  1. Susan Krevitt 4 weeks ago

    Love this poem by Diana Faulds. Thanks!

    And your Panacea painting is great!

    “Panacea: a solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases.”

    As you know, Mary Baker Eddy uses this word:

    “When the Science of being is universally understood, every man will be his own physician, and Truth will be the universal panacea.”
    (S&H 144)


  2. holly wayman 4 weeks ago

    Yay! Cool poem!

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