The Bike Hitch Debacle

The Bike Hitch Debacle


Throughout the course of this trip (we’ve only gone 4,500 miles so far) our bike rack has been getting lower and lower, until on the way from Yosemite to Sacramento it was scrapping on every undulation of the highway, making an excruciating racket and wiggling our muffler perilously. (The photos on the lift don’t adequately depict how close to the ground it all was; we estimate it was less than two inches from the ground.) Elizabeth got us an appointment at Paul’s Automotive, and they found that our rack was put on with only a 5/8″ screw, which, not surprisingly, had given way.

We are so grateful they were able to squeeze us in on such short notice! The hitch is now parallel to the ground again instead of pointing down: what a difference about five inches in height can make! I learned that Mike only yesterday took over this business, so I wished him blessings on his enterprise, thanked him for his competency, and with gushing appreciation, told him I’d blog about this, since he is our newest hero.

We are glad to be heading to the Redwoods with Virginia, with the car and hitch intact and secure, and only a few hours delayed.  

Thank you Elizabeth, thank you Mike, and thank you God!


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  1. Deborah 9 years ago

    Love caring for its cherished ideas…beautiful!

  2. Joe Herring 9 years ago

    For want of a nail the shoe was lost…

  3. Jamie 9 years ago

    Oh my gosh Polly! I have no idea about tools and their hardware, but even I think that you would need something more substantial than a 5/8 screw! Thank goodness your car is okay!
    Keep on truckin’!

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