Recent Black and White Photos From Texas and Vermont

Recent Black and White Photos From Texas and Vermont

Recent Black and White Photos

Here are my most recent black and white photos, taken during my trips to Texas and Vermont. I love all the textures and shapes, and the contrast between light and shadow that are highlighted in black and white photographs.

IMG_8733 IMG_8351  IMG_4779  IMG_8140  IMG_8272   IMG_8589 IMG_8206  IMG_8362
IMG_8143  IMG_7993  IMG_5961 (1)  IMG_8607 IMG_8020  IMG_8354  IMG_7821  IMG_8960  IMG_8274  IMG_8647  IMG_8568  IMG_7827  IMG_8137  IMG_8604  IMG_8963  IMG_5998  IMG_8450 (1)  IMG_8263 IMG_8398  IMG_8582  IMG_8746  IMG_8614  IMG_8531

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  1. While your colourful art works are glorious, I love these black and white photo too- such interesting textures and juxtapositions! The arrays of keys and glass jars evoke memories, but without the clutter ( “turn things into thoughts”, as Mary Baker Eddy wrote, and ” exchange the objects of sense for the ideas of Soul”). The image with the deconstructed typewriter is interesting- I have a typewriter like that that once belonged to my Great Aunt Lillian, who was the town poet and was once a teacher, but also raised draft horses, and rode into town behind her future husband on his motor bike in the 1910’s ( I also have her etiquette book from 1900! I would not take that typewriter apart, but my Dad would appreciate this image that shows its parts, as he was an aero-engine mechanic during WWII.) Somehow, these images help me with the prospect of moving into a new suite, and trying to retain some elements of home and history and a studio, but without overload.

    “Breaking away from the mutations of time and sense, you will neither lose the solid objects and ends of life nor your own identity. Fixing your gaze on the realities supernal, you will rise to the spiritual consciousness of being, even as the bird which has burst from the egg and preens its wings for a skyward flight.” Mary Baker Eddy Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures 261:24

    Thank you, Polly! Do you sell reproductions of your photos? Best Regards, Ruth

    • Author
      Polly Castor 6 years ago

      Check my gallery for hundreds of prints of my photos. If you ever see something you wish was on there for sale, tell me, and I’ll add it.

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