Beauty is Necessary (Quote by Toni Morrison with Photos)

Beauty is Necessary (Quote by Toni Morrison with Photos)

Beauty is necessary Toni Morrison quote

“I think of beauty as an absolute necessity. I don’t think it’s a privilege or an indulgence, it’s not even a quest. I think it’s almost like knowledge, which is to say, it’s what we were born for. I think finding, incorporating and then representing beauty is what humans do. With or without authorities telling us what it is, I think it would exist in any case.

The startle and the wonder of being in this place. This overwhelming beauty—some of it is natural, some of it is man-made, some of it is casual, some of it is a mere glance—is an absolute necessity. I don’t think we can do without it any more than we can do without dreams or oxygen.”

by Toni Morrison

(Photos by Polly Castor)
















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  1. This post is, well, beautiful! Beauty is what catches my eye as I plan the next painting.

  2. Sue+Krevitt 1 month ago

    Unquestionable Fact!

    Such….Beautiful pics!

    Thank you, once again.


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