Love in the Church (quote by Charles Louis Reilly)

Love in the Church (quote by Charles Louis Reilly)

Love in the Church quote by Charles Louis Reilly

“Love in the church is the inevitable and irresistible result of the fact that the church belongs to divine Love. The church is the collective action which gives greater force to benevolence, loving-kindness, moral courage, awakening, healing, and the redemption of mankind than is possible to alone individual.

We join the church to give. The act of joining is the act whereby we cease living to ourselves and begin living on behalf of all mankind.

Just as we know the sun by the light and energy it gives forth, just as we know a spring by the water it pours forth, so we know a church by the love it pours forth. Every phase of church work has one abiding purpose—to give—to give something which will increase the recognition right now of the presence and power and goodness of Truth and Love, of divine Principle.”

by Charles Louis Reilly

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  1. Sue Krevitt 1 year ago

    Thank you for these words by Mr. Reilly. I believe he is (now moved on…) a Christian Science Teacher. Am I correct?

    “Church” is such a big subject, as it has always been, will be, whether we realize it or not. It has huge implications
    for us all. Our concept of church is key to our human lives, I feel. And I want SO much more in regards to the present
    expression of the idea, church, on this planet! And in me! I yearn for a larger sense of the unity and structure of Mind and Its ideas, in this realm, and in me. Every hint and glimpse I can get is helpful. Thus, I thank you for sharing any light on this big Subject!

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