Plein Air Painting at New Pond Farm (Labor Day Weekend 2022)

Plein Air Painting at New Pond Farm (Labor Day Weekend 2022)
plein air painting at New Pond Farm Stump Speech (pastel) by Polly Castor

Over the weekend I finally went plein air painting with Diana Rogers, who I met here at this workshop on Cranberry Island in Maine back in 2016. Both from Connecticut, Diana and I have been saying since then that we want to get out to paint together, and now we’ve finally done it.

She drove to my neck of the woods and visited my dear New Pond Farm to paint with me. I let her pick the spot where we would sit, and above (9″x12″) and first below (8″x10″), you can see what I painted. You can also see what she did, focusing on the cattails down past the pond. Diana is also a fellow blog reader of yours, and you can check out her website here.

We made her a homemade, heirloom Tomato Tart  served with local melon, as shown below. Diana also unloaded lots of unused art materials on me for which I am tremendously grateful!

We had a great time, and I hope we do it again soon.

New Pond Farm on Labor Day Weekend (pastel) by Polly Castor





by Diana Rogers


by Diana Rogers



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  1. The colors are exquisite!!! Thanks for bringing so much beauty into our lives.

  2. Sara Ostrov 2 years ago

    Wonderful. So much fun. Great paintings love them all💖

  3. John+gregory 2 years ago

    The tomatoe tart rivals the art!


  1. […] I did the stump back on Labor day there, and the other one just this week, on Memorial Day. […]

  2. […] done together (like here and here), and we’ve plein air painted together in Connecticut (see here). Next on our agenda together is she’s coming with us to Monhegan Island to paint this fall. […]

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